our sunday adventure.

on sunday we had a new little adventure over here....

our house was a tv set!!!

we filmed a few segments for the tv show 
on the diy network
called 'i want that'

marco, the kids, and i will all be featured
as well as one of our neighbors :)

we were showing: 
how to install a fan
simplify your life as a mom
and can your own foods

the exhale fan is what marco installs
it's a bladeless modern-looking ceiling fan
which is perfect for us 
because we hate bladed fans.
they are big, bulky, stick out a lot, and make it too windy indoors.

this fan is sleek, modern, flush, and no wind :)
they also have lots of colors!

the kids and i did the diaper bag dailies
a good way to simplify hectic times of mommyhood

lyla was going to display the potty training kit
but ended up falling asleep on the couch
and thus became a real life 'sleeping beauty'
and "acted out" the sick kid kit :)
every time i think about it, i laugh
she pretty much rocked it!

then our neighbor showed
how the canning machine worked

it was an awesome new experience
and we now realize what kind of work
goes into every tv show.
it's a lot!!

i've always wanted to be on tv
seriously, for as long as i can remember.
i even took an acting class in college :)
it was a way to get some fun easy credits

it will be a while until the show airs
but i will be sure to link it up!!
stay tuned!!


  1. SO cool morgan! how fun that you guys get that experience, you will have to tell us when it airs, i think we get that channel.

  2. That's awesome - to be filming for TV!! I'm glad that you shared this post because I've never ever canned/preserved before and really want to do it this summer, especially since we recently joined a co-op where I have access to great produce! Going to look more into this machine :)


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