Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler

i am already done christmas shopping for my kiddos! super excited for it to get here! here are most of what i have in boy&girl versions for their stockings...

1. frozen temporary tattoos (found in target dollar section)

2. Kidkraft career people (found on zulily)

3. Princess & Superhero bandaids

4. A little book about careers to go with the career people (i did not get the one pictured, but cannot find the one i got)

5. frozen socks (found again in target dollar section)

6. frozen book (not the one pictured, found one in target dollar section)

7. headlamps (found at home goods)

8. Piggy Pain

9. Frozen Character Figurine Set

10. EOS chapstick (LOVE)

11. Boo Boo Buddy Ice Pack (found at target by bandaids)

12. yo-yo

13. Toothbrushes

14. Mini Hand Sanitizer

15. Slinky

Hope that was helpful to some of you on the hunt for stocking stuffers for your littles!


savio's party. two.

friends. food. and fun.
it was a little cold and windy
but we had a toasty fire
and warm chilly. yum.

we did an outdoorsy/fallish theme: camping

happy birthday little man.


sept/oct in pictures.

september brought us a lot of busy-ness...
we started school (me teaching, kids in class) 
and we all love love love it.

october brought lots of fall and halloween fun
and then savio's 2nd birthday,
which will be the next post.

here is a random compilation of 
mostly phone pics
in sept/oct.


to my dude. two.

my sweet bubba...

you are in to everything (like the pink lipstick pictured above)...
learning about your little world so fast...
wanting to do everything big sis does, and at least giving it a try...
growing a little too fast for mama's comfort...
but i must let you be...

you love school, fire trucks, dogs (especially bow bow and rusty dog)...
you also love chocolate (i have no idea where that came from....)....
you use your manners and are super sweet and kind...
you love waking up in the morning and greeting lyla and bow bow with a 'good morning' in the sweetest little voice that my ears ever did hear...

your vocabulary is skyrocketing...
you know where things go, and remember next steps in our routines...
you are so super duper smart.

you love truck books, and story time before bed...
you take care of your bow bow, and are the sweetest to him...
you are my little snuggle bug, and i hope you never outgrow that...

your friendly smile and deep eyes show your sweet gentle soul.
i love you my little boy with all of my heart.


Italy trip part 2: Stresa

better late than never...right?

^the palace on an island

^curious girl roaming the cobblestone streets

^maniac man

^gorgeous palace garden

^"cheekin" aka peahen

^Lyla named this one "Belle"

^a view of the palace garden from the lake

^the pigeon-chasing girl