Italy trip part 2: Stresa

better late than never...right?

^the palace on an island

^curious girl roaming the cobblestone streets

^maniac man

^gorgeous palace garden

^"cheekin" aka peahen

^Lyla named this one "Belle"

^a view of the palace garden from the lake

^the pigeon-chasing girl


August Recap..Vacation Part 1: Sardegna

we were lucky enough to spend almost the entire month of august in sardegna, italy....
time with family, good food, relaxing on the beach, minimal contact with 'our world'...
a good dose of what we all needed.

it's taken me a while to get on here to update a post because
i wasn't exactly sure if i was going to be able to get back on regularly.
i am trying to minimize things in my life that are 'time-consuming'
to give me more time with my hubs and kids and also
for myself to do things i like to do

but then i started looking at older posts and was so thankful
that i had been documenting big and little things

it's so fun to look back and to have this space here as a scrapbook
so here is our august recap part 1...
better late than never :)