an update.

Well, HELLO there :)

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. We have some new stuff going on. Here goes....

our baby chicks grew!
we took an impromptu weekend trip
to visit my parents
and brought the chicks...

my parents have 4 chicks
about the same age
and a mansion of a coop...

once our 6 set foot in the mansion
they were not coming out!

so my parents now have 10 chickens :)

my babies are so big!!!


after much discussion and preparation
i finally opened my own kids art studio!

it's something that had been swirling around in my head for some time now
and where we live, there really isn't anything like it

my kids love it too!

and yes, savio is eating paint
it's non-toxic, don't worry
he just needed to make sure he was balancing all of his
food groups....you know, playdough, crayons, and finger paint.
very important nutrition.


^my little gatherer

enjoying the spring weather
outside play
and picnics

^savio loves him some pb&j sandwiches 

^one word: lylazilla
this is how she likes to keep her room
not even kidding.
it's her space, she can have it how she likes it

^we spent the weekend out on the deck
day and night.
wine in hand.
candlelit dinner, fire in the fireplace, kids out playing, flamenco music on
so peaceful and pure bliss.

i am really trying to take care of myself so i can care for my little loves
and i believe this is just what the doctor had called for!

my little starbucks dates
btw i am totally loving lyla's outfit combos
and really admire her confidence
i hope that never fades

^my heart is melted

savio loves having cappuccino and biscotti with marco every single morning
when he wakes up, he knows marco will be making espresso
so he runs to the pantry to retrieve the 'coco' (biscotto aka cookies)
it is adorable.

and he really actually likes the taste of the cappuccino
i like to think it's because he has acquired the taste through me
during pregnancy and nursing

^oh me oh my. this guy.
he LOVES his 'boww boww' (dog)
this is how excited he gets to go to bed every single night
not kidding.


new house tour. part two.

Savio's Room:

i loved the idea of the gallery wall
for both of the kids' rooms

savio's gallery wall includes:
a water color painting i did in 5th grade
a vintage record from my grandmother
and a photo canvas my brother made with a picture he took in costa rica

i tried to repurpose a lot of decorations
we already had
^the dr. seuss art i did in high school
& the scrap banner is from savio's birthday party

cube shelves // target
woven baskets // ikea

i also liked the idea of using books
as additional decor

Lyla's Room:

lyla's gallery wall includes
her artwork
a sardinian mask
a vintage record from my grandmother
a mask from new orleans
and a gold glitter card i received from a friend

bed // walmart
lamp // ikea

Lyla and I DIY'd her night stand :)

dresser is second hand, we just painted the knobs
gold frame // home goods
pink bird cage // ikea
white tin // ikea
pink flower candle holder // vintage, from my grandmother
white wire mannequin // home goods

a close-up of the repurposed card and new orleans mask 

Craft Room:

^inside those doors is the laundry

we have a kids' craft space
and mine for sewing

^i recently repainted the kids' table.
the top is chalkboard paint
and the seats are upholstered with fabric
(and by i, i mean me, my brother, my sister, my brother's gf, and lyla)
{thanks guys!}

The Den:

basket // world market
chairs // pottery barn kids
tee pee // diy'd
sheepskin rug // ikea

^another repurposed card
and vintage cigar box

we decided to go with a daybed as a couch
because of lack of space, and more comfort for movie watching

daybed // world market
nesting tables // world market
coffee table (which is actually a bench) // world market