Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler

i am already done christmas shopping for my kiddos! super excited for it to get here! here are most of what i have in boy&girl versions for their stockings...

1. frozen temporary tattoos (found in target dollar section)

2. Kidkraft career people (found on zulily)

3. Princess & Superhero bandaids

4. A little book about careers to go with the career people (i did not get the one pictured, but cannot find the one i got)

5. frozen socks (found again in target dollar section)

6. frozen book (not the one pictured, found one in target dollar section)

7. headlamps (found at home goods)

8. Piggy Pain

9. Frozen Character Figurine Set

10. EOS chapstick (LOVE)

11. Boo Boo Buddy Ice Pack (found at target by bandaids)

12. yo-yo

13. Toothbrushes

14. Mini Hand Sanitizer

15. Slinky

Hope that was helpful to some of you on the hunt for stocking stuffers for your littles!


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