happenings as of late.

marco & lyla's 6 foot snowman

after having a foot and a half of snow fall from the sky here
a little bit of cabin fever set in
one way to solve that was to pop a tent
and do some living room camping


this week, my brazilian sister, ana, was here
it has been a year and a half since we've seen her
so we had a bit of catching up to do


we went to the zoo while ana, my mom, my brother, and his gf were visiting
savio had a connection with the chimpanzee :)

before we left for the zoo, i had to pick lyla up from school
i had her alone in the car, no music on, just chatting
we were talking about going to see all the animals
and how we were hoping to see the baby panda this time

i said 'i really hope the baby panda is there this time'
she said 'i think maybe he's sweeping (sleeping)'
i said 'oh yeah, maybe. and snuggling with his mama'
she said 'and he's nursing'

i think my heart literally burst into a million pieces when she said that
such a near and dear thing to me
and to have my daughter understand nursing and realize what a
natural thing it is for all babies and mamas to do


just princess ariel visiting the white house :) 

we also went downtown for an afternoon to show ana around
of course, the white house was the first stop
before we went, i had another car chatty moment with lyla
we were talking about the white house, obama, and other presidents

i said 'the white house is where president obama lives. all the presidents lived there'
she said 'and then santa went and took them to all the kids???'
*pure innocence*
i said 'silly girl! presidents, not presents' :)


mr. savio is almost walking full time now
he has been getting physical therapy to help
him achieve this and strengthen his tone
he still has some things to work on but will
hopefully graduate from pt soon

we just bought him a pair of shoes his therapist recommended
babies aren't really supposed to wear any shoes until they can walk
and then they are still supposed to wear flexible shoes
he needs a little bit of ankle support as well
these shoes are supposed to be the all around best, in case anyone
is on the market for shoes for their new walker :)

he is also babbling up a storm
and saying 'hi' to everyone and everything
and also answers every question with 'no' and shakes his head very seriously

he likes to make people laugh, especially lyla
and i think it's fair to say she likes to make him laugh too

their relationship is so sweet
they are best friends and playmates
he gets so excited to see her when she wakes up in the morning
or after school
he absolutely adores her
and she loves to be the boss and 'watch' him
i will overhear her saying 'uh uh uh baby, that's not for you!'

the belly laughs from the two of them playing is enough to make my heart swell
that has to be one of my favorite sounds in the whole wide world


something really fun/new/exciting will be happening here tomorrow :)
stay tuned for a blog post next week about our new experience!


  1. what a fun post and love all the photos too. I guess presents and presidents does sound alike :) too cute.

  2. Love the snowman - quite impressive, 6ft.? And I agree, I love watching my two littles' relationship blossom. Makes the more difficult, trying days all worth it.


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