a snowy valentine's day.

yesterday we woke up to 13 inches of snow!
it was hard to believe
but super fun and magical
until marco had to shovel it :)

lyla kept singing
'do you want to build a snowman???'
and was determined to do so
until she realized it was too deep for her to walk in 

so this is what we do when we are 
literally snowed in...

we make snow ice cream

i remember my mom doing this with us
when we were growing up
and thought it would be fun to do
with all the fresh snow!


we bake too
 of course :)

heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies
banana cranberry muffins

poor marco
shovels the driveway 
for 6 hours

lyla attempts to play in the snow

savio and i watch
from the window

and savio eats my samoas...

...we craft...

and then it feather-snows...


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  1. The heart-shaped cookies turned out really well! Did you chill them before baking to get them to keep their shape so well?


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