we have been sick around here. it has not been fun! 
            luckily, the night marco, lyla, and i took turns calling dinosaurs at the throne,
            savio was oblivious and decided to sleep through the night for the first time.

            these pics are randoms from the month of january...

enjoying a tour around the neighborhood before the snowy weather

teething monster/sleep fighter couldn't last much longer

nap: 1, savio: 0
is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby?

our friends coming over for a visit

lyla ariel, the best big sister
helping savio the prince, learn to walk

yes, my children are no longer to be addressed as lyla and savio
they are ariel and the prince at all times

and i am ariel mama.

the cuteness is just too much to handle.

bag baby

savio the prince's little personality is really showing through
he is a funny little guy

he likes to find goofy things to do
makes sure someone's watching him
and then laughs histerically

i love him so much.

thinking about trying this potty thing soon...

obsessed with tools and the way things work
helping babbo and bumpa build a bed

watching the monkeys at the zoo
with uncle geno and shannon

the sunsets here could just take your breath away

lyla ariel likes to announce
'here comes the sunset!!'

'what's the big deal mom? i was in the mood for green paint.'
this kid will eat all things non-food
paint, crayons, chalk, leaves, dirt, sand
you name it.
as long as it's non-toxic, we're good.

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  1. Oh my goodness, never heard it referred to that before... "calling dinosaurs at the throne!" Glad you guys are all feeling better! And that sunset is gorgeous!


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