kitchen upgrade.

welcome to 2014!
our kitchen was a little outdated
yes, still functional, but not esthetically pleasing
if you look closely you can see that there are fruit baskets on the back splash tiles
definitely not our style at all :)

this is the picture from the house listing
which is obviously enhanced
i promise you that those appliances were so old
that they were yellowing

then as we sorted through some papers
we came to find out that they were from 1992
and there was a big sticker that said "the dependable ninety-two"

dependable, yes...
but you can not last forever!

after using the appliances for two weeks
they were not holding up to their 'dependable' reputation

and thus, were replaced


so while we were building a teepee on a snowy day
marco was working on bringing the kitchen into 2014

once all of the appliances were replaced
he chiseled all of the backsplash tiles off

he was left with a little bit of a mess on the wall
but with a little spackle, it was smooth and ready for some tile

he tiled on one day and grouted the next
my hubby is talented! so thankful
because this definitely saved us some money!

we are so happy with the way it turned out
it feels newer and even bigger

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  1. gorgeous morgan! I love the little legs on the bottom of the cabinets! the tile you picked out really brings it into 2014 too. great job guys!


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