from sandy beaches to snowy hills.....we've moved!

i know it seems like we fell off the planet
but we are here :) just really busy moving across the country

one of our last days in texas
we spent the day at the beach with good friends
since we knew it would be a while before
we would be at the beach again

we spent hours on the beach with snacks
and coffees for the mamas
while the baby napped and
the kids played in the sand
...and savio ate it like it was his job...

then we grabbed a bite to eat
to have a picnic at a park for lunch
it was a great day!

'you mean to tell me that this isn't a big spoon, and i'm not supposed to eat this stuff??'

right before thanksgiving, we packed up our moving truck
said bye to houston
and set off on our 20 hour journey

it was only supposed to take 20 hours
so we figured a day and a half of travel
straight through

three agonizing days later
we made it to the d.c. area

it was rough on us all
and i would not recommend anyone
to do it with two toddlers :)

after a few days of recuperation
we set off for another road trip
which was only 4 hours
and felt like nothing
even though we weren't ready to be
in the car again

we spent thanksgiving week at my parents' house
in pennsylvania
and the kids got to experience their first snow
and sledding experience

lyla really liked it
until she got wet :)
then it wasn't fun anymore
and she realized that she really did need her snowsuit

savio was not amused by the snowsuit
he became a rag doll as soon as he was dressed
he even got a turn at sledding with bumpa

 my little turkeys

so excited that it snowed

 weee so much fun!

aaaaaand done.

mommy's marshmallow

nana & bumpa even had to try it out :)
we are currently getting our share of 
the country's winter storm
and are all set up inside
with some christmas movies, popcorn, hot cocoa
and chili on the stove for dinner

the snow is so pretty
lyla wanted to take a little
walk in it 

i will be doing my best
at keeping up with our little scrapbook here

it's still craziness with moving
but hopefully will be settling down 
after the new year

i am taking a step back from the 
social media world
to be more present with my family

but catch up with me via email 
or stop by here to see what 
we are up to!


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  1. morgan congrats on the move! I didn't know your parents were all the way over there now! I thought they were still in texas! i am out of the loop. Cant wait to see more of your new place!


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