sorry i've been m.i.a. y'all!
we have some big changes going on 
over here in the smore household
so sit tight.
i will be able to update soon hopefully :)

enjoy our late lately pics
some from halloween, savio's birthday dinner
and just enjoying the weather and playing outside

lyla remembered what halloween was all about
and was so excited to trick or treat
it is her favorite holiday after all

she was supposed to be the easter bunny
that's what she picked
and honestly it was brilliant because that is her 2nd favorite holiday
so she just combined them both into one :)
my smarty pants

savio was supposed to be the easter chick
but they didn't end up wearing their costumes
because 1. lyla didn't want to
and 2. it was hot (kind of) anyway

oh well, maybe next year....

then we enjoyed ourselves some new dress-up costumes 
on clearance the day after halloween.

who doesn't love sales?!

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