lately in the d.c. metro area...

in between getting settled 
preparing for the holidays

we found some time to have a little fun
and get to know our new home

we are currently in a rental
and have most of our stuff in storage
and are planning to spend christmas 
at my parents' house with my brother and sister too

so we don't really have any decorations
except for an advent string of stockings
and a picture with santa :)

we have kicked off the christmas season
with lots of christmas music
and movies

our pictures with santa went surprisingly well
lyla kept her distance but she was kind of smiling in the picture
savio was happy as a clam
trying to chat it up with mr claus

one night last week we went to a christmas street festival
santa arrived on a vintage fire truck
and there were lots of fun things for the kids to see and do
and plenty of treats to be had

one day last week, lyla's advent stocking revealed
that we would be going to see 'frozen'
at the theater

this was a big deal since we never go
it was a mama/daughter date
and it was so much fun
we had snacks and snuggled
and the movie was great

a little one-on-one time 
to fill up our love tanks :)

^^my cart drivers at the grocery store

*park time*

*making s'mores at a holiday street party*

^^meeting rudolph!

^^real-life 'frozen'
sooo pretty!!!

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  1. where are you guys going to be at then? my BrotherInLaw and fam lives right outside of DC
    I heard frozen was really good. hope you guys enjoyed it!


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