that one time when...

we had a guinea pig for a day.

it was an albino male
(lyla named him)
i have no idea why she chose pink
since her favorite color is purple
he had pink eyes at least...

lyla and savio really liked him
and i was enjoying him too

but he could only stay for a day
because i was allergic to him.
just like i am allergic to 
everything else in life.

he was a gift from my mom and dad.
they really wanted to get lyla and savio a pet 
that marco and i could also handle

and honestly this was the perfect pet.

i really wanted a bunny but it just didn't work out
i would probably be allergic to that too.

maybe some day we will get a hermit crab.
i don't think it's possible to be allergic to that.

i wanted lyla to pick what she wanted 
but she chose snakes...

anyone that knows me
knows that i am 
scared of snakes.
so much 
that i can't even look at them on tv or in the zoo or petstore
and it's hard to even look at snake toys.

so that was a no.
then she wanted a 2 foot lizard...
i am just not a reptile person.

plus those really aren't the greatest pet options for three year olds.

so hermit crab it will be.

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