first day of mdo.

lyla started her first day of 
mother's day out.

she is going to the same place she went last year
the same days and times
and some of the same friends are in her class.

she is in the 2's/3's class
and one of her teachers speaks italian.

she was a little hesitant to go
even though she has been asking to go back all summer.

but as soon as she got in the classroom,
saw her friends, and then
spotted the purple playdough...
that was it.

i spied through the window for a little bit
as she sat at the table with her purple playdough
and was taking in the atmosphere.
watching all of her friends
and seeing other moms drop their kiddos off.

she is a bit shy at first, 
and really has to take everything in and learn her space.

then once she starts joining in on the fun
she is good to go.

the same thing happened at her first ballet class last week...
she was very hesitant about going
and wanted me to stay with her.
i wasn't expecting to stay, because we aren't allowed to watch,
but since it was the first day, they let us.

so i didn't have my phone or camera to capture anything
but it was seriously the cutest thing i ever did see.

tears welled up in my eyes and i had to swallow the lump in my throat
it was that cute.

just seeing her interacting with a teacher and peers
the smile on her face and her little giggle.
watching her try to move in new ways.

it made me so emotional.
she is getting so big so fast.

anyway, back to the first day...
i decided to make a little frame out of rulers
and then cut out the letters with felt.

i figured we could use it every year :)

of course lyla had to take pictures of me too, haha...

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