me time.

marco was gone all week last week
which means i was in survival mode
and the week felt like an eternity

so on saturday
he gave me a starbucks giftcard
and a few hours to go get some 'me time'

i had a nice little drive alone
no kids screaming in the back
because they are hungry, tired, hot,
they dropped their toy, or
the wrong 'wiggles' song is on

first stop was starbucks
to get an iced mocha

then i went to get a haircut
i was ready to chop off my hair again
it's too hot to have it on my neck
and it was long enough to put in a pony tail
so it was time for it to go

i wasn't getting any emergency phone calls to return home
so i decided to shop a little bit
i got to take my time and focus on what there was
rather than herding children

i even got to go into the bathroom
quietly and alone
no 'icky, don't touch anything!'
and then worrying that
your kid caught a disease while in there

sounds like a vacation, right?

i ended up with a new wallet and some new shoes
both on sale

it was refreshing
and definitely needed


  1. Cute! Love the Hair and shoes!!! Glad you got some alone time!

  2. morgan cute shoes and wallet! How nice of Marco to make a point to get you out of the house kid free!

  3. glad you got some time alone! sometimes its so beautiful to have time alone and away from all the responsibilities of life :) cute shoes and clutch that you picked up and your hair looks adorable!! so cute!

    I hope you have a blessed Saturday!

    Visiting from Casey Wiegand's link up.



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