my birthday.

yesterday was my birthday :)

our first activity was
a playdate at the park/splashpad 
with friends at 8:30 am
donuts for the kiddos and coffee for the mamas 

we are probably the only 2 moms 
ready to go out and do something this early
but it's still too hot to wait too long into the day

after that, we had 
swimming class
lunch and a cupcake with marco

then a playdate at our house

^savio was game for dressing up too

then we just hung out at home until marco came home from work
and he sent me away for a massage
it was delightful

after the kids went to bed
marco and i ordered chinese food
ate some gelato
and watched sunday's episode of dexter

pretty good day!

lyla knew it was mama's birthday
but any card or gift i got,
she claimed.
and she always had a reason...
'it's pink (or purple)' or 'i like it' or 'i really want it'

and then she told me i turned three because it was my birthday.
oh my goodness, i love her so much
she is too funny

^my purdy bday flowers from my sissy <3 

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