nifty thrifty finds.

i love me some thrifting. i really do.
i could spend hours in thrift shops or street markets wherever we travel.
and i would, if it weren't for marco ;) he is my shopping regulator.

i really love vintage things, and just always have.
i think it's really neat to look through 'old' keepsakes and such.
i remember looking through my great grandparents' and grandparents' things
and asking them if i could have whatever it was.

for example, i got a huge bag of my great great grandmother's buttons.
authentic vintage.
then i got some vases and costume jewelry from my grandmother.
i even got my grandparents' old juke box, but it could not be fixed
or taken with me when i moved. boo.

anyway, i randomly go to thrift shops here
and one day i found all of this

a yard of tribal fabric $1
a cute little shirt from somewhere cool overseas i'm sure, for lyla $1
10 linen napkins with little hand sewn detail $1
mini tea set for lyla's future tea parties $1

score! thrift shopping is addicting :)

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