my sweet nursling.

there is something about
little boys

they capture their mama's hearts
in a different way than their sisters do

my sweet friend cara
wanted to help me freeze time
with nursing pictures

i am happy to say that at 9 months old
we are still nursing
we have had a few rocky areas
in our nursing relationship
and you never know when it may end

i cherish these pictures so much
this season of parenthood is so special to me


  1. Wow, you have quite the adorable babe there!! So precious. These photos are great. I found you through Casey. Hello from a new friend :)

  2. oh my goodness these pictures are so precious!! there is nothing like nursing & it's so great to capture those moments. i'm still nursing my 14 mo old and not really sure when we'll give it up ;)

  3. i have nursing pics taken during my newborn(my third newborn:)) photo shoot. i love nursing and am so grateful i could experience that blessing. love the pics!!!


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