lets be honest.

i originally wanted to cloth diaper with savio, like i did with lyla. but,
that did not end up working out. my guy was getting too many rashes
and it was getting frustrating for me, not to mention, cloth diapering is 
a lot of work, especially for a mama battling ppd. so we ended up
quitting cloth and doing disposables.

after using disposables for a while, i noticed we started dealing with rashes
again! it was frustrating for me and i came to the realization that
i just have a sensitive little man. so i started researching natural
disposable diapers, and decided to try the honest company.

you can get a free trial, you just pay for shipping. plus, if you place an order, there 
is an invitation coupon code for $10 off  here!

i did that and fell in love and ended up ordering the month's supply of diapers and wipes.

their diapers are super cute, and really not that expensive if you compare them to pampers or huggies.

**i was not asked/paid to write this post, it's just a product i love :)

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  1. Awe he is growing soo much! Lila actually was allergic to something in them. So we couldnt use them. But i have had so many friends who love them too!!!


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