5 years & we did it.

five years
two kids
many adventures
behind us.

we decided to bit the bullet
and take a night away
by ourselves.

some of you probably think we are crazy
for not leaving sooner
for leaving too soon
it was the right time for us
to do it.

we drove a few hours
to an area of wineries
and had such a nice time.

and the kids did
with my mom.

it was nice to get my first night of 
uninterrupted sleep
in three years.

we first stopped
at a vintage
texan winery 
to taste some samples 
of their wine.

they had doors
on their ceiling.
i think i will need
to do this some day.

our room at our bed and breakfast
was perfect.

my favorite place
torre di pietra
so tasty.

marco's little friend.
there were so many cats 
there that wanted to 
hang out.


i saw a sweet
little horse
nursing <3

something about seeing
other animals nurse
their little ones
just touches
my heart.

we woke up to this on our 


i may be hit or miss 
on here for a 
little while.
we are cutting 
the internet
just like we have
the cable.
i will try to update as
i can
since this is our family
scrapbook :)

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