parent of preemies day.

it is crazy to look back at pictures of lyla and remember how small and fragile she was. i love looking back at her pictures and showing her. she doesn't understand, but i tell her anyway. some day she will know, and be proud of how strong she is.

when i watch the videos and hear the alarms and beeps in the background and see her in the isolette, it brings back all of those feelings and memories of endless hours i spent in the nicu with her.

today we celebrate all the parents of preemies. we are strong because of our little ones. they taught us how fragile life is, and how to live and celebrate each day.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree that it's crazy to look back at pictures of them in those tiny isolettes... so fragile and new!

  2. Aw. What a sweet little one! She was SO tiny! It's hard to believe that everyone was once small similar to her! (:
    Found you from the what's on your mind hop. Have a great weekend!



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