at the rodeo.

it's always fun when it's rodeo time!

lyla really enjoyed it this year
even though the lines were too long 
for the petting zoo
and pony rides.

we still got to walk around
and see the live stock
pet the bunnies
and watch the chicks hatch.

then we went to the rodeo show
and saw all of the events
the band perry.

lyla is really into singing and dancing
and performing in general
right now.
so it was a party for her!

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  1. Her hair is so cute. :) A few of my friends went to the rodeo and said the lines were long also. Kind of glad we didn't go because taking all three girls to a crowded place is a little aggravating. We did go to Kemah during spring break and that's where I learned my lesson lol. It was also crowded.


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