moms of girls. must get this.

i'm going to first start by saying that i did not get anything for this post.
i am simply posting this because it is literally a life-saver.

remember this? lyla's extreme rat's nest in her hair? yeah. that really hasn't gone away. now her hair is all one length in a cute bob, and we still get the rat's nests. i have run out of solutions.

she used to not let me brush or comb her hair at all. then i started having to torture her and do it anyway so that we didn't have to end up buzzing her hair off.

brushing or combing her hair for 5 minutes was awful for the both of us. no amount of detangler would help.

then entered:

meet the knot genie.

i recently was telling a friend about my issues with lyla's hair/rat's nests and she suggested trying this. and found it on mamabargains for me.

this thing is a miracle! as soon as we got it, i tried it out on lyla and it was seriously magical.
no fights, no screaming, no crying, no grabbing at the brush.
she sat there. and enjoyed it.

now she wants to brush her hair whenever i get it out.

and it leaves her hair super smooth and pretty. and her hair is then less likely to turn in to a rat's nest as the day goes on :)

i don't know what it is, but if any of you moms out there are having hair struggles with your girl, you need this!

happy friday everyone!

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