haircuts for everyone.

This weekend my mom cut Lyla, Marco, and my hair. It was much needed for all of us. I wanted to go shorter because it's been so hot, and being pregnant makes
it so much hotter. Plus I really like short hair lately:)
And Lyla, well, you will see the pictures...

my new 'do
look in the bottom left corner...hahaha she cracks me up

this is lyla's hair before. she constantly had a rat's nest that she wouldn't let me fix. and it would continue to get worse as the day went on from napping and being in her carseat.

so nana came to the rescue. and surprisingly, lyla was ready to get her hair cut. she wouldn't let anyone touch her hair last time we tried and this time she was tugging at the cape when i was still getting my hair cut.

she sat so unbelievably well.

almost done!

the results. so much better and healthier looking.

bye bye rat's nest, for now.

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  1. Aw cute. Serena constantly had a rat's nest too and I had my mom cut it for her.


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