28 weeks.

so 28 weeks, or 7 months, may mark the 3rd trimester for some. i guess it depends on where you look or what you follow because my 'belly book' told me i was in the 3rd trimester at 25 weeks and i liked the sound of that much better so i went with it :)

it feels so amazing to be at this point in my pregnancy. i have the heaviest baby i've had in my tum, he weighs about 2 lbs 8 oz ..... and in one week, i will be the most pregnant i've ever been. it feels so different and new to me too. with lyla, i had a septate uterus, which confined her to a small space in my lower right area of my belly, so i only felt a few flutters here and there.

this time, i feel the little man all over the place. i can feel him up high and on both sides, kicking and rolling. i love it. no one was able to feel lyla kick, and i was only able to for a few weeks. but marco has already been able to feel him, and i have felt him a lot, even from the outside. such an amazing feeling. my heart is so full.

i love peeking in at him on the ultrasound every week too. he looks so cute and sweet all cuddled cozy in there. he is starting to get some chubby cheeks and he has a head of hair like his daddy!

this is all new to me, so it feels like a first. and it will most likely be a last. so i am really trying to over come anxious feelings so that i can fully enjoy this pregnancy. i felt so cheated with lyla since i was on bedrest basically the whole time. but i was willing to do anything for her.

my pregnancy with lyla was rough, to say the least. and i had her at 28 weeks and 6 days. i can't wait to get past that point, just to breath a little more. lyla weight 1 lb 13 oz. little man weighed that at 26 weeks. that was what she was measuring at birth. her growth slowed/stopped due to the pre-eclampsia.

lyla is over the moon about her baby brother. she will randomly come up to me and lift up my shirt and kiss my belly <3 it just melts my heart. she calls him 'bebe bubba' (baby brother). it's really amazing how she knows.

and bye bye belly button :) it's starting to pop out a little now.


  1. What a lovely post :) Glad you're able to feel your little one<3 It must be an amazing feeling. Thanks for following my blog earlier, I came over to check you out and I definitely hit the follow button while I was here :) Tootles lovely, from totally_rachel

  2. Glad everything is going well!

  3. Looks like you had a belly ring pre-baby bump, as well! I thought perhaps my belly button popped out soon because of the scar, but it doesn't seem yours did!


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