two months.

i cannot believe my baby is already two months old. i keep thinking about how different this baby experience is this time around.

left: savio's foot print when born 7 lbs 1 oz
right: lyla's foot print when born 1 lb 13 oz

when lyla was two months, she was just coming home from the nicu at a whopping 4 pounds. 
we were so scared and nervous with her. she was so fragile and was on a heart monitor because sometimes she would forget to breath during feedings. 
she was also easily overstimulated so we were cautious with that. it wasn't easy for other people to hold her and enjoy her. 
she was miserable from reflux and a dairy/egg/soy intolerance. poor baby had a hard time eating and sleeping, and gaining weight. 
not to mention, we had to be extremely cautious about illness, especially rsv.

left: lyla's preemie onesie she wore at 2 months
right: savio's 0-3 month onesie he is wearing at 2 months

savio is 12 pounds at 2 months, and growing out of his clothes so fast. we have already had to move his carseat straps up a level too. 
with lyla, we are always celebrating when she gains a pound, or we have to move her carseat straps up, or when she outgrows a clothing size. 
now i'm telling savio to slow down. 
he is eating a ton, and starting to sleep a little better thanks to reflux meds.

he has reflux too but not as severe as lyla did. symptoms: they both choked a lot in their sleep (sleeping upright) and would stop breathing for a second and would take them a few seconds to catch their breath. 
they also choked during feeds and just while sitting up awake. then hiccups would occur multiple times a day. 
they also both spit up, but lyla's was projectile and much more frequent.

this time around i am much more relaxed. we still take illness precautions, but he will tolerate stimulation and being held and loved on by others. 
for a short time at least :)

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