my lyla.

i think about the timeline of her life so far. when we lay in bed in the middle of the night and she is peacefully asleep. i look at her and wonder how these past 2.5 years went by so fast. 

i try to remember every tiny detail i can about her life. but it's so hard. and they seem so long ago. i know it will only get worse. and that scares me.

my lyla, she is a feisty girl, who is very determined and knows what she wants. she has been through so much already for such a small person. 

she has already had to fight for her life. and she won. she has a big purpose here. she is going to move people, if she hasn't already.

she is a gentle soul and is very sensitive. though she may be shy at first, she will soon be a friend. she is a social butterfly.

she is usually in a good mood, happily singing and dancing around the house. but is sensitive to change.

she is eager to learn.

her laugh is contagious. and she can easily put a smile on our faces.

we love you more than you can imagine, lyla girl!

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  1. :) Sweet... I often feel the same way of late, as we approach LW's 3rd birthday, come April! Where does the time go! I don't know what Lyla's entire story is, but LW was born two months too soon and had a month NICU stay, and I'm amazed today as I look at him, by how far he has come!


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