attention all mamas and mamas to be...babywearing is a lifesaver! i started wearing lyla the minute she came home from the nicu and honestly it saved my life. she had a few issues which meant i had to constantly hold her and move 24/7. that was the only way she was comfortable. but i was okay with that, that was what she needed and that's why i'm her mama. i really enjoyed babywearing, so naturally i've started wearing savio too. it comes in handy with an active toddler around too.

when i'm out in public babywearing i get all kinds of comments and questions about it. but the one that is the most interesting is the one that comes from older ladies...'i wish they had this back when i was having kids'....well, hate to break it to them, but they did. babywearing started when humans started. if you glance through history, i promise you will find all kinds of cool photos of women and children wearing babies. babywearing is still very prevalent all over the world. this is a really cool blog post about babywearing.

babies have to come out by 40ish weeks because they get too big. the next 3 months of their life is called the 4th trimester, because really all they do is eat, sleep, and poop, and of course want to be held and cuddled by their mamas. the best place for them to be is close to their mother. babywearing brings back that 'womb' feeling for them.

when they get more aware, babywearing is still great because they are at eye level with their mother. looking and learning so much. and still feeling close and comfy with mommy.

or daddy! a lot of dads babywear now too. which is great bonding for them :)


  1. Cute pictures and I'm loving the bjorn. It HAS been a lifesaver with Mariam! I never wore my other two girls and I missed out because it really makes things easier.

  2. Your baby is the cutest! :-) Found you through casey!

  3. I used a regular infant backpack for NK, but this looks way more comfy and natural for mommy AND baby... and appears to allow you more freedom than a sling! Wish I would've had one of these! I think we are done having kids, but thanks for sharing, so I can share with friends who are yet to have little ones ;)

  4. but morgan please tell a nonmother how you baby wear?? are you just tying those cutie bundles up in fabric or are you sewing or buying a special babywaring sling??

    It does look comfy...i want to know for someday!!


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