my favorite new year's eve.

i have a lot of fun nye memories...
but my favorite ones, are the ones spent in brazil.

when i was in high school my family decided to host a 
foreign exchange student. she came
from brazil, and her name was ana.

she lived with us for a year, and we shared a room.
we definitely had our ups and downs, 
but she became my sister and a best friend.

we became very close with her family,
and traveled there a few times.
when her sister was old enough she lived with us 
to be a foreign exchange student.

and any time any of their
family members are in the country, 
they always come and visit us.

i've been to brazil four times.
three during new year's eve, 
and we had a blast every time.

we always spent it on the beach,
and embraced each tradition they had for nye...

white clothes
specific colored underwear
single roses
making a wish
the beach
the countdown
a kiss

it was always such a fun celebration with great people.

my favorite time of the three was spent on an island with
no electricity.
no pavement.
only the light of the stars,
and the sand beneath your toes.
and donkeys with carriages.
it was a little village with very few tourists
and many natives.
it. was. amazing.

i hope one day we will be able to bring our kids to celebrate nye there.

but until then, we can celebrate nye by waking up at 6:30 am to watch cartoons ;)

happy new year everyone!
be safe.


  1. you mean your favorite NYE wasn't for 2000 when your parents had a party at the shop and brought in sand for the "beach" and a hot tub and we did really cool dances to Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" lol

  2. It's so neat that you had such awesome cultural experiences and want to share that with your children as they grow! Happy New Year to you and yours! ;)


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