zoo day.

on black friday, instead of shopping, we went to the zoo.
we really enjoyed our time there as a family. it was much more exciting
for lyla now that she is a little older and more into animals.
her favorite animals were the elephant and giraffe.
she even got to feed the giraffes some lettuce leaves, 
which was one of the highlights of the trip.

the other highlight of the trip was riding the carousel. 
she loved it so much, she had to ride it twice,
especially when she spotted the giraffe 
and was sad she didn't ride on him the first time.

she also enjoyed saying hello to the 'ooh ahh ahh's' as she would call the monkeys.
and also saying 'oh hiii' to the goats in the petting zoo area.

not long after we got in the car and were on our way home 
were both of the kiddos fast asleep.
we were all tired and got to take a lovely nap once we got home.

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  1. how sweet :) definitely sounds like what I'd rather be doing on Black Friday!


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