midnight kisses.

i wrote this when i was pregnant and just found it...

'one of the many benefits of co-sleeping or bedsharing is stealing me some midnight kisses.
every night i have a time frame that i am awake for 
and can't sleep.
i lay in bed thinking of random things,
and stare at my sweet little girl
growing before my eyes.
i steal as many kisses as i can in these moments.
kissing that sweet little cheek of a sleeping baby,
looking so peaceful sleeping...'

now we have two little loves to sleep with,
and steal kisses from.
it's easier to steal kisses from savio 
because he isn't active yet.
but lyla is hard to steal kisses from during the day, 
so we steal away when she is fast asleep.

i love staring at my sweet sleeping babies. 
their faces so peaceful and relaxed,
growing right before our eyes.

we can see the similarities in them being brother and sister.
their eyes, cheeks, and little noses.
but also their individuality blossoming a little each day,
and them becoming their own little person.

sometimes i think about what they will be like 
one day when they are older.
but i get scared of that happening too fast.
i try to cherish the moments we have with them, 
trying to instill each giggle, funny phrase and sweet smell 
in my mind
so i never forget.

one day, they may not be interested in snuggling with us,
so we have to soak it up now while we can.
lyla is already becoming too active for snuggles,
so we love when she wants to sleep with us.
it's a special bonding time, 
giving them peace and comfort while they dream <3 

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