a newborn mommy & pics.

being a newborn mommy is much different this time around. for one, i have a boy now, so obvious reasons make that situation different. new things i have to learn.

but the thing i notice the most is the difference in me. i am much more relaxed and less stressed this time around. and i don't know if that is from being a second time mommy or if it is more from having a take-home baby.

lyla was born so early and had so many things going on that it was extremely stressful all the time. i was very protective of her. when we brought her home she was hooked up to a heart monitor. so we were always making sure she was breathing okay. she also had reflux and a dairy/soy/egg allergy which means none of us slept. ever.

she was so tiny and vulnerable. we didn't want other people touching her. and did not take her out much. she was very nervous and anxious and could easily get over-stimulated.

this time around, i feel much more relaxed. i have the obvious concerns about illnesses and being around other people. but other than that, we are sleeping fine. he is eating fine. and we are overall much more relaxed.

i did forget how much diaper changing there is with a newborn. but i love how much sleeping there is. i am trying to take the time to get as many snuggles and kisses in as i can before he becomes mobile.

pics taken by marco


  1. congrats on the new baby!! He is so adorable.. and all of that hair!! my goodness.


  2. oh my goodness!! He is beyond precious! And thanks for stopping by to enter the bib giveaway! I'm so pleased to tell you that you are the winner!! Congrats!! I'll be in touch soon to get your mailing info!


Thank you so much for stopping by & leaving some love! I will reply to your thread, so stop back again later :) xoxo!