lately & pic overload.

lately we have been trying to adjust as a family of four, while preparing for the holidays, and trying to get as much rest as possible. i've really been enjoying naps and homemade chicken noodle soup lately.

it's nice to have some down time as a family, especially around the holidays and in between toddler craziness.

*we weren't driving anywhere, just chillin' in the driveway :)*

the weather has been great too so we have all been enjoying some fresh air.

we celebrated two thanksgivings...one was a few days early since my brother and sister were both in town visiting. and the other one was on thanksgiving and was just with our family and my parents.

they were both very low key and relaxing. good time with family. we have so much to be thankful for this year.


  1. I love the last picture of them I'm their little matching pajamas. So cute. Glad you are enjoying naps. I can't nap during the day. Occaisonally I doze off but only for a minute.

  2. Great photos! I like the last pic as well! Found you through a GFC blog hop and excited to be a new follower. I hope you will stop by my blog if you get a chance!



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