decorating for the holidays.

decorating for christmas is one of our favorite things to do. we may be a little untraditional since we usually decorate before thanksgiving. but we just get so excited 
about the holiday season that we can't wait!

we make a family night out of decorating. we like to turn on the movie 'elf' 
and make popcorn and hot chocolate.

lyla was so excited. when the tree went up, she stood by it and kept clapping and cheering :)

lyla was marco's helper with the ornaments while savio nursed 
and slept through his first christmas decorating party.

the choo choo train is a big hit this year. 
we are so excited and 
feel so blessed this holiday season!

so much to be thankful for <3

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  1. Smiling is my favorite!
    Love you all.
    ~ Heidi


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