bringing baby home.

look at this sweet face! he is such a joy around here. such a sweet little soul.

i am really trying to take it all in and soak up every baby moment.

when i was in the hospital, i had such a hard time being away from lyla. it was the longest we have ever been apart, besides from when she was in the nicu.

but it just melted my heart to see her and marco come and go and how sweet they were with each other. she was his little side kick.

i cried a lot of tears. but they were happy tears. our family is finally complete, and i could not be happier.

i missed halloween this year, but here are a couple of pics of the little miss.

she went trick-or-treating with babbo, nana, and bambpa and had a blast!

lyla really enjoys her baby brother. she is always asking to hold him and gives him lots of snuggles <3
when he hears her talk, the look in his eyes says it all. 
he loves her and looks up to her so much already.

i have been very sensitive to lyla's feelings since bringing savio into this world and bringing him home.  i don't want her to feel left out or that she isn't getting enough attention. and i don't want her to ever resent her brother because we were always asking her to be quiet because he's sleeping, etc. i try to find other words to use so that she doesn't feel like anything is 'her fault.' she is a baby too and is learning. and she loves her little brother so much that she just wants to smother him in hugs and kisses and doesn't know her strength.

he is so in love with her too. when he hears her talking or singing or when she is holding him, he looks around and you can just tell how much he admires her already. it warms my heart so much. i hope they are good friends in the future.

marco and i have been trading off with kids and making sure lyla is getting the attention that she needs. we want to make sure her daily activities and routines aren't changed too much. but, it really hasn't been too bad adjusting from one baby to two.

we are just loving our family of four!

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  1. I absolutely love his little perfect face and all that hair!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful family!!


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