he's here.

welcome to the world baby Savio.

7 lbs 1 oz and 19 1/4 in long.

on sunday (10/28), marco and i went in to the hospital to get started with my induction. i was being induced due to increasing polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and increasing blood pressure (i was on bedrest for the last week due to this).

monday morning (10/29), my water had to be broken very carefully since there are many risks when there is too much fluid. all went well, but after 6 hours, there wasn't much progression. so i went in for my first c-section. he was born at 4:30 pm.

i was terrified but excited at the same time. everyone working on me was great. they were super helpful and cheery. i, on the other hand, was a mess...emotionally... i had so many things running through my mind.

on this day last year, we had lost a baby boy. so his birthday is very symbolic to me.

when i got situated, the anesthesiologist asked me what kind of music i wanted. i was so thankful for music. i chose classical. something calming and soothing.

i couldn't control my tears.

and then marco was able to be with me. and sat right next to my face. us behind the curtain where they were preparing to take our baby out. so much anxiety.

pretty soon, my doctor announced how big and beautiful our baby boy was. and then we heard him cry. and it was the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard.

he was able to snuggle on my chest for a few minutes immediately and that moment was so surreal for me.

something i have always dreamed of.

my dreams literally came true during these moments.

before that, everyone had warned me that he was not technically term (36 weeks and 4 days), so there may be some issues. but i knew he was perfect and it would all be perfect.

and it was.

our family feels complete now. 
and we feel so blessed to have our full-term take-home baby experience.


  1. Congratulations! :) He's so adorable :)

  2. Congrats Mama! He's sooo cute. Hope you are having a speedy recovery.


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