first day of school

yesterday was lyla's first day of school. well really it's a mother's day out program that is twice a week for half days, but it is just like a preschool. 
i had so many mixed emotions! we have been talking about school at home and talking about what she was going to do there. 
i really wanted her to feel excited and prepared. she was pretty excited and knew where we were when we got there. 
and surprisingly, there were no tears. mama had to hold them back on the walk in and drop off...that was hard. i didn't want to make her nervous, so i kept up my pep talk and smile and off we went. 
marco and i said good bye and she was fine, happily playing in the kitchen area. we had to peek through the window a few times just to see that she was okay. i couldn't have been happier. i felt much better leaving. 
and both of her teachers are just so sweet, i feel very comfortable with her there.

all day i couldn't stop thinking about her! and just hoping she was happy and having so much fun. it dawned on me at about 10:00/10:30 that i wouldn't have my little lunch partner. but then realized it would be a great opportunity to go out to lunch with the hubs! so marco and i had a little lunch date :) it was really nice. we ate some yummy burritos and an ice cream cone.

as the time neared to pick her up, i thought the day had gone by pretty fast and wasn't too bad after all.  i was excited and couldn't wait to pick her up and talk to her and just see her little face and give her a big hug. i missed my little partner in crime!

i was a little early so i was the first parent there to pick up but we were so happy to see each other and i got the biggest cuddly hug from her <3 she was so happy and talkative from that moment on. 
i kept asking her about her day and her words were: 'tooo' (school) 'nana' (sleep) 'num num' (eat) 'peepoh' (people) 'oyyy' (toys) 'bee boh' (playdough) 'bow bow' (dog).  she was happy and was telling me everything she did at school. they slept (but she didn't), ate lunch, played with toys and playdough and made a dog picture for a craft. and there were people there. she cracks me up.

all the way home she requested 'up up igh' (twinkle twinkle little star) and 'up een dow' (the wheels on the bus) and sang along with the songs and did hand motions. 
once we got home she ate a little and then we cuddled since she didn't eat much for lunch at school and didn't nap at all. 
she finally went to sleep but it took her a while to wind down. i think the day was just full of so much excitement!

so overall, the first day of school was a success! yay! proud mama moment

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