rainbow week.

last week we decided to do some fun activities at home. we didn't have too much planned and lyla has really been into colors lately, so i decided to go with it and plan some stuff for us!
each day we focused on a color and wore that color, ate foods of that color, and then did a craft or something else fun. 
i would be sure to point out everything i saw in the color of the day. 
it seemed to really help her recognize the colors because this week she has got them down!

monday was red day.
the craft was toilet paper roll lacing on a ribbon. 
and the bonus was an elmo soap purchase :)

tuesday was orange day.
we made rainbow rice from a pinterest recipe i found. 
it was a huge hit.

wednesday was yellow day.
it was a not-so-fun day :(
lyla had to go to the dr and get some blood taken..
and she was not a happy camper.
thank goodness i had some lipgloss and a fruit snack in my purse!

thursday was green day.
we went to story time and 
played with shaving cream in her pool.

friday was blue and purple day.
we went to the mall with some friends 
and played in the castle, had lunch, 
and took a carousel ride.


  1. Lyla è sempre molto attenta anche quando gioca quindi impara velocemente. Si vede che è curiosa e ha il sorriso della furbacchiona, è sempre più bellina.
    Sono ultrafelice

  2. Settimana bellissima come bellissima è Lyla che impara velocemente tutto
    Brava Morgan

  3. what fun! Looks like she had real fun! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  4. You are an AWESOME Momma! What a great idea - I am SO copying you!!! Thanks for sharing this:)

  5. what a great idea! i am sooo doing this with my daughter one day!


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