lyla lately.

trampoline time.cheese monster.
babbo snuggles.hose time.walking rusty.
watching the cars go by. ra sushi.
bath time fun.story time crafts.chats with ti-ti.
night swimming with nana.water color painting.
sliding in the house.styrofoam imaginary car. lunch with bambpa.ice cream making.
swimming with rusty.dress up with rusty and mama's hat.

lyla has been too cute lately. she is getting so many words and trying to repeat everything. her latest thing, that we love, is that whenever we say 'it's getting late' or 'it's time for nana (sleeping)' she will always respond with
'moons out'
it is so cute. she is obsessed with the moon right now. i have a few really cute videos. i have been
trying to capture her cuteness. they are just taking a really long time to upload, so i will most likely be doing a separate video post :) stay tuned!

happy friday everyone!

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  1. Aw! She IS just so cute! 'moons out' aw! how cute?! Looks like she's been enjoying her summer for sure! :)

    xoxo ♥ Shar


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