about cooking.

i'm going to be honest.... i am a terrible cook. i really dont do the cooking in our house. well, except for the 'on the menu' posts, which are pretty basic things. 
and as you may have noticed, most of them are breakfast items, or sweets. 
i have impressed myself a bit though...i have gone from ruining scrambled eggs, to finding what i can add to scrambled eggs to spice them up a bit.
so i am a work in progress :)

marco is the chef in our house. he used to be a sous chef when he lived in italy, so his taste buds are different than the average person. 
with that said, he is very picky...and most things i make, he tells me what i need to change when i ask him honestly what he thinks. 
but i like that about him. i want to know how to improve and i want him to teach me how to cook better.

as you can see, he wants to be the one to teach lyla how to cook. as it should be. i am definitely not the right fit for that.

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