Vegas....the adult version of Disney World. So fun, but can make you so broke. Luckily, we had a toddler with us that kept us from gambling all of our money away ;) In all honesty though, I wouldn't recommend Vegas to anyone who is pregnant or bringing a toddler....or in the middle of summer. It. Is. Freaking. Hot. There! Lyla and I spent a majority of our time in the pool while Marco and Nonna went out venturing the city.

We only spent the weekend there so here was our agenda:

Day 1. Walk The Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) and walk in and out of the hotels and casinos. Most of the hotels have unique features about them, so it's nice to go and take a look. Plus they all have AC! We also did a little bit of shopping of course. Afternoon was pool time. Dinner was at Tom Colicchio's Craft Steak at MGM. It was soooooo yummy!!! Then Marco and Nonna went to see Cirque Du Soleil while Lyla and I went Ni-Night. They really enjoyed it. I admit, I was jealous, but it was their first time, and I've seen the show before. It is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

Day 2. Marco and Nonna went on a tour bus to the Grand Canyon. They got to stop at the Hoover Damn on the way there too. Lyla and I decided to stay by the pool all day. On the way to breakfast in the morning, we saw Gwen Stefani and her family passing by near the elevators. So that was a bonus! We enjoyed our girl pool day for sure :)

Day 3. We went to check out the 'old vegas' at Freemont St. It was really neat! I highly recommend that to anyone going to Vegas!

Enjoy our pics....
Good Morning Sunshine
Bellagio lights and water show
Takin' a dip in the pool
L picked out her own hat at the M&M store. I was looking at something else and she kept patting her head and saying 'Lyla' it had to be the cutest thing ever. And yes, she talks in 3rd person lol.
Hoover Damn and Grand Canyon
Our personal receptionist

The Freemont Experience
And of course Miss Lyla had to party while we were there!

Puffin Update: She laid yet another egg while we were gone...and for those of you counting, that is FOUR. Ugh, we are at a loss at what to do with her, so she is going to the vet tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some suggestions and fix her up and get her back to normal. We are starting to get worried that she is going to harm or kill herself because she is laying so many eggs....

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  1. I loved Vegas but I'm sure it's very different with a toddler and a bun in the oven! Looks like you still had a fun weekend! Cute blog.


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