For my Crafty Friends: Burp Cloths

This week, I started working on some projects for our little marshmallow :) I thought maybe some of you would like me to share what I did and how I did it. So, first up....

Burp Cloths

What you need:
gerber or carter's cloth diapers/burp cloths (from Walmart or Target)
fun fabrics (1/4 of a yard makes 2 burp cloths)
sewing machine

1. You can start out by washing all of your cloths/fabrics. I don't always do this to be honest though.

2. If you did wash, then the fabrics will need to be ironed and the stray strings clipped

3. Lay out your burp cloth and overlay the material so that there is about 2 inches extra on all sides. The center strip of the cloth is thicker, use that for guidance on the long side.

4. Fold each end, pinning it once you have folded it to the edge.

5. Select a large zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, and get to work! Make sure the folded line of the fabric is in the center of your zig-zag. Also, dont' forget to back-stitch at the beginning and end!

You're done! How easy was that?!

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