An Egg Has Been Laid

Our quaker parrot, Puffin, has been acting really strange since we went to Italy. My parents and sister took care of her while we were gone, and they thought she was just p*ssed because we left her. But even when we came home, she was really b*tchy, and tried to fight me every time I went near her cage.

Well I remembered a time shortly after I had Lyla...I was in the NICU with her, pumping milk to be exact, when my mom called me and said I would never believe what happened and that Puffin laid an egg. We thought it was really strange that she laid an egg. But also, right after I had Lyla. That explained her b*tchiness around that time.

So this week, it occurred to me that she might be pregnant again because 1. she's been really b*tchy, and 2. I'm pregnant, and she seems to like knocking herself up when I am. And turns out, I was right.

So pregnant friends, we aren't the only b*tchy species when we are pregnant and hormonal, apparently so are the birds...

It kind of makes me sad after the fact, even though she's been super-b*tch, because there is nothing in that egg. It is just an egg that hasn't been fertilized...and she sits on it expecting something to happen and protects it with her life.

But then I remember last time she laid her egg and took care of it for a few days...it cracked...and then....she ate it. YES. She did. I almost puked a few times. That's just weird, isn't it?!

It's always interesting in this house...

It's actually not very good for their bodies to lay eggs when they aren't fertilized because it uses a lot of calcium and is hard on their bodies. It happens because they get horny and bored in their cages...Puffin likes to have a good time with her happy hut, which is why I think they call it a happy hut. So in order to solve this problem, Puffin needs a little feng shui. Her cage needs to be rearranged. We are also supposed to boil the egg or replace it with something similar and let her sit on it and protect it until she gets bored....clearly the boiling thing didn't go so well for us last time since she got so bored she ate it....

Hopefully this time around the situation ends a little better.....Oh Puffin.

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