run down mama...

i generally try to keep this blog positive, but honest at the same time. so thought i would share some run down mama stuff...

this week has been long/exhausting/stressful
and really for no good reason
just one of those weeks when you kind of
want to lock yourself in a closet with a bottle of wine
and let your kids fend for themselves
(playdough, crayons, and paper qualify as a well-balanced meal, right?
savio usually eats that stuff anyway)

even better would be a nice big quiet bubble bath with a bottle of wine
and some chocolate
(because chocolate makes everything better, of course)

i know some of you stay-at-home moms can relate (and probably go-to-work moms too)
there are just some weeks when we are run into the ground
and need some time to ourselves to recoup

i was talking with a woman at the gym
and she referred to our bodies like cars...
they can get run-down and break down.
you have to keep up the maintenance
and take good care of them so they can be reliable.

so so so so true.
and i so needed to hear that
and other inspiring things from that woman.
she must have been an angel sent...
seriously, i have never seen her before, and then
all of a sudden one day, we see each other, have something in common
and begin chatting about life....ironic.

i like to think i have a lot of patience (and can laugh off most situations)
especially when spd is irritating lyla.
but then when i am run down,
i beg for more patience.
because little things with that
can really drive me over the edge.

dealing with spd is so unpredictable.
some days we may only have a few issues.
and some days, everything is an issue.

someone looking at us from the outside
might not understand, and might judge...

like when we are at target, and lyla has a major meltdown
all because she got something sticky on her.
and she can't calm down. i curse spd.

or when i let her pick out her own clothes
at target (obviously that is our favorite store)
because they literally have to be the right color,
and right texture, and right length
or it's major meltdown time.

it's usually groundhog day over here
she needs to have her exact routines every. single. day.
and needs to wear the same outfit.
(yes, she does NEED to)
half the looks we get from people
are probably because we look a hot mess....
lyla usually has lunch stains on her shirt from the
day before because she wouldn't let me wash it,
and a matted nest in the back of her head
because she won't let me comb her hair.
^all a work in progress...baby steps...

then something silly happens to me...
(because i am normally running around
like a chicken (and always late for some reason...))..
an entire sippy cup spilt in my purse
soaking everything, but thankfully not ruining anything
but my purse (good reason to buy a new one).

i was actually ticked off for a minute, because it was totally the last straw,
but then decided to laugh about it because there were about 15 goldfish
floating around in my purse and were inflated to about 5 times their size.
(only exaggerating a little, i promise :P)

ahhh the glamorous life of motherhood.

one of my brilliant girlfriends shared her secret with me...
put everything in ziplock baggies in your purse.
best advice ever. so i totally did it, and it's working well so far.
but i seriously wonder....what did i ever need such a big handbag for pre-kids...
what on earth could i have been toting around???

alright pointless rant is over. looking forward to the weekend!

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