infant & pregnancy loss awareness.

today we light candles and give thoughts and prayers 
to those sweet angel babies
who did not get to live life on this earth
but who are waiting for us in heaven

this past weekend
sweet lyla girl asked me about her being in my belly

lyla: 'mama, was i in your belly?'
me: 'yes baby, you were in my belly'
lyla: 'then who was next?'
me: 'then your baby brother who now lives with jesus'
lyla: 'then saio was next?'
me: 'that's right, then savio was next'
lyla: 'then who's next?'
me: 'that's it love, no more'

later on this weekend 
the sun was shining
just right, through a window
that it reflected a rainbow
right on savio's face

my sweet little rainbow baby <3

...thinking of all the angel babies tonight...

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