lyla's world.

lately lyla has been into carrying things with us where ever we go
she 'packs a bag' and usually in it has her wallet and about 15 'credit cards'
and then her camera, cell phone, sunglasses and other random items

we went to the grocery store, and she insisted that she pay for the groceries
so she swiped her 'target credit card' and paid for me
i'm going to remember this in about 20-30 years ;)

then we went out to dinner, and again she insisted on paying for the bill
so we asked her, where she gets all her money, and the convo went a little like this:

me/marco: lyla, where do you get all your money? do you work?
lyla: mm hmm, i work.
me/marco: where do you work?
lyla: uuuummmmm, i work. there's no toys.
me/marco: what kind of work do you do?
lyla: uuuuummmmm just with kids
me/marco: how much money do you make?
lyla: three and a couple

sounds like a sweet gig to me ;) love this age
the conversations we have are great.
just love her sweet little imagination<3

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