cloth diapering.

with lyla cloth diapering was a walk in the park. i decided i wanted to try it, bought some diapers and diapering items (wash cloths as wipes, diaper area wash, spray bottle, wet bags, diaper pail, detergent) and had a regimen down that worked. no big deal. no problems.

when she got a little older, it got a little trickier. she started leaking and we had to find some new inserts for the night. then i just couldn't handle her #2's in cloth diapers....enough said.

with savio it has not been a walk in the park at all. we have had to try different brands of diapers (which there are a million it seems like), and different regimens of cleaning them. he kept getting rashes, so i stripped (washing in a way to eliminate all build-up) and disinfected, and switched detergents and diaper creams multiple times. it has been research and trial & error  to figure out what works for him. i guess he just has more sensitive skin than lyla did.

every baby is different, clearly, all the way down to the diaper!

i got sick of trying to determine what the issue was with savio and cloth diapers, and washing and washing and washing and washing...i felt like at that point, i was wasting money, rather than saving. it was also stressful. i was having a hard enough time keeping up with regular clothes laundry, let alone diaper laundry...so both of my kiddos are currently in sposies. the bonus? they wear the same size diaper :)

i was a little sad though, because savio's cloth diapers were so cute...oh well, they are hidden anyway, right?

with anything baby-related, you have to do what works for you and your baby. i do recommend cloth diapering though, if it is something you can figure out. it can be overwhelming, but there is so much info out there and other moms to talk to, and many different price points to work with. there are so many different routes you can take with cloth diapering to make it work for you (but obviously sometimes it just doesn't).

i really like the benefits cloth diapering offers your baby and environment though...maybe we will try again in the near future...

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  1. Awww... Such a bummer. I cloth diapered my last two. My second had sensitive skin, too. He got rashes and I did trial and error. It is overwhelming. With my third, it has been really easy. Gotta be flexible, right. :)


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