guest post: my time with the smores.

ellen here.
morgan and i are bffs. i spent the last week with the smores. 
here is a recap of my trip.
enjoy :)

love/hate hate/hate relationship with puffin.

"mommy! we don't have any chocolate at home! we need this!"

enjoying the weather.

practicing my babywearing skills.

who doesn't eat pez while they ride their bike?

watching barney<3

gelato mmm.

doing a little grocery shopping.

morgan, lexi (morgan's sister), and i, all with babies on our laps
rusty does qualify as a baby ;)

lunch date!

so happy to see me when they picked me up at the airport!

drooling over some which wich.

love them!

performing for us in her new princess outfit.

i had so much fun! and miss them already :(
until next time...


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