bedtime snuggles.

my two favorite times of the day....morning and night. 

i love waking before the sun and my babies are up.
the house is still, quiet, and dark.
i can take a few moments to reflect and think uninterrupted.
and i love seeing my two loves right when they open their eyes.
i get a big smile and a big good morning kiss...the best way to start my day.

i look forward to bedtime, not just for the peace and quiet 
and an end to the chaos of the day, but to take a few minutes 
to stop the clock and snuggle my babies.

we finally have this routine down with two kiddos.
savio likes his early bedtime, and nursing snuggles with mama.
sometimes he prefers to be rocked to sleep,
and i am really enjoying it.
my little sweet gentle soul.

lyla could stay up all night. she is my little night owl.
she loves getting her pajamas on.
and more recently loves brushing her teeth, since her trip to the dentist.
then she picks out her bedtime stories,
and we read and snuggle and chat about the day.
we talk about all the exciting things that happened 
and the plans for the next day.

i love snuggling close to her and taking in every feature of her face
and expression she makes when she talks.
i can't believe how fast she is growing 
right before our eyes.
her little personality is blooming and she is so fun.
a happy energetic bubbly soul.

when everyone's fast asleep, i like to hear them breathe
and capture their sweet faces so still.
and thank god for them.

i love kissing their sweet cheeks before i fall asleep,
and hearing one more big exhale.
they are peaceful and comforted,
and so am i <3

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