the weekend.

this weekend was complete with:
bubble baths
shopping trips
park time
fake cookie baking
bike riding
peacock sightings.

sweet bubs was finally feeling a little better after being diagnosed with rsv last week :( i was so sad for him. it's a good thing we caught it early and were able to keep it under control with breathing treatments. he is still on them and hates them but doing much better.

this virus is what we had been so scared of lyla catching for the past two years. it would have been extremely detrimental to her health being that she was very premature and has asthma. she was approved for a monthly $4,000 rsv vaccine called synagis (one that already has the antibodies to fight the virus){thank you insurance!} during cold/flu/rsv season for two years. that is a grand total of $40,000. insane. 

but so happy she got them because clearly they helped. we aren't sure if she already had rsv or just recently had it because usually everyone has it by two. and it usually looks like a normal upper respiratory cold after two.

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  1. Some health insurance programs are really amazing when it comes to preventative measures... I required weekly intramuscular progesterone supplementation injections for 20 weeks of my second pregnancy to prevent a recurrent episode of PPROM and our insurance covered it! :) Glad you guys caught it so early and he is making a smooth recovery!


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