it was you.

during my pregnancies, i found myself wondering about my baby in there.
what they would look like
what their interests and hobbies would be
what their personality would be like
how their imagination would work
what they would teach people around them
what impact they would have on us
and the world.

now i look at lyla and savio and think...it was you.
it was you in there all along
it was you i constantly worried about and wanted to protect with my life
it was you who i loved so much, even though i hadn't officially met you
it was you who i yearned for and could not wait to give my life and love to.

{i think of our sweet angel often and wonder...
who he would resemble?
what would have been his hopes and dreams?
how would he get along with his sister and brother?
he definitely left a tiny foot print with us.
and we will all meet him some day.}

it's an amazing thing to think about growing babies.
how they begin
how they develop
how they are born
how they grow and become their own little person
their story.
their life.

each tiny soul having their own intention in life,
no matter how long their time here is.

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