postpartum depression.

postpartum depression is real.

it is something that i am suffering from.

i can't help that i have it.

but i can get help, for myself and my family.

it can be serious.

it needs to be talked about.

so that other women can be aware.

and recognize the symptoms.

it is going to be a process for me to heal.

but i am working on it.

if i can help one other person with this, that will be a gift.

something positive from it all.


  1. I am pretty sure I had ppd (or something like it) until Camden was 4-5 months old. I was so irritable all the time and my mood swings were horrible. I felt so overwhelmed at times I would cry or worse get angry and take it out on my husband. I eventually talked to my husband about how I was feeling and told him I thought something was wrong with me and that I was going to make a doctors app to see about going on meds. But weird enough after we had that long talk I started feeling better. Everyday got better for me and I now feel like my normal self again. I think just the venting to him and admitting I needed more help with everything when I'm usually so stubborn and do everything myself really helped. It's not easy but I hope you start feeling better!!!

  2. Talking and venting is really important. Sorry you are going through this. I don't have ppd, but I was experiencing intrusive thoughts (something I never heard of until a friend messaged me) but I felt better after talking about and getting out if the house more. I had been isolating myself and dealing with Mariam's crying and needs from sun up to sun down was really wearing on me.


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